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Musing on Goodness - August 22

It's time for a reminder of the goal of these posts I've been doing since the start of 2021. At the end of last year, while the world was preparing to usher in the new year, I read an Instagram post that suggested keeping weekly notes of good things that have happened throughout the year. I was inspired by that idea and decided to post my notes publicly, celebrating the good things that happened in my life, whether great or small. If this is your first time reading one of these #musingsongoodness2021 posts then you can check out the original post right here.

I didn’t know what to expect, even of myself, if I opened myself up in this way. I’m not one to detail my life through frequent posts on social media; my privacy isn’t something that I had necessarily guarded, nor was it something that I’d actively ignored. The decision that I made to do this has been an active disregard of my privacy. Almost every week I’ve asked myself, “Why are you doing this?” or “Who even cares?”

But this has been an amazing journey, chronicling the highs and the rises and the little bumps (I discuss all the lows ad nauseum in my journals). It’s been a personal benefit, even while I’ve hoped that it’s blessed all of you. I’ve heard from some of you, discussed some of the posts, been encouraged in many ways, and I thank you for all the times you’ve felt moved to reach out.

My hope has been that these posts would encourage and entertain you, and that they would challenge me towards Philippians 4:8 which directs us to meditate on anything that’s true, noble, just, pure, lovely, virtuous, praiseworthy. So let’s rattle off a few from the exciting week that just ended.

1. My brother (the musical prodigy) serenaded me with several songs from his most recently conquered instrument, the guitar (and now he’s got his own Infinity Gauntlet worth of instruments learned).

2. Tropical Storm Grace hit Jamaica with heavy rain and winds. Even though I was in quarantine in the pool house and shuttered in, my family braved the swirling winds to bring me food, and the water damage to our home was negligible.

3. My niece, who I’ve been trying to teach how to say “Ga-bby” for months, can finally say it properly (and without prompting).

4. Jamaican athletes continue to do extremely well on the global stage. Elaine Thompson-Herah ran an extraordinary 100M race at the Prefontaine (Diamond League) securing another gold medal and breaking several records. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and the multi-talented Shericka Jackson took Silver and Bronze. Our 4x100M Under 20 (U20) women’s team just won gold and broke the U20 World Record.

So, have you been noting the good things that have marked your year, whether regularly or irregularly?

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