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The Goodness Jar Challenge

2020 caught us all by surprise.

I doubt that trials and tribulations or blessings and bounty follow calendar years, but being prepared and proactive can give us the steadiness to walk through 2021 (come what may).

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

I recently came across an intriguing post by @SleekJamaica on Instagram with a simple objective for the New Year. It read like this:

“This January [2021], start the year with an empty jar. Each week, add a note with a good thing that happened. On New Year’s Eve [December 31 2021], empty the jar and read about the amazing year you had.”

“Count your blessings” is often a difficult thing to do, especially when life is hard, has been hard for a while, and may be getting harder. The point is, it’s easy to remember the bad things that happen in life. They come readily to mind. It’s the good things that often take more effort to discern, and that makes them even more precious to remember.

Photo by Petrisor Ionel on Unsplash

Guard your good memories - treasure them.

So let's get on to the challenge!

Photo by Victor He on Unsplash

Carrying around a jar that can hold 52 messages (especially with me planning on traveling quite a bit this year) is a little outside of my comfort zone. So instead of a physical jar I’m going to use my IG account,, to list all the good things that happen throughout the year.

And to set it off, here’s my first #musingongoodness2021 note!

This isn’t cheating I promise. I have been paralyzed with fear trying to figure out if it makes sense to do freelance writing in this content saturated world.

Will I write?

Can I write?

Will anyone even want to read what I write?

But God led me to this point and so I’m going to see where he takes me (hopefully the ride isn’t like being on a roller coaster! I’ll tell you how I feel about those next time).

So will you join me on this journey? I’ll remind you to share your weekly goodness notes with me. Add me on Instagram. Subscribe to my blog. Also please use the hashtag #musingongoodness2021 to share your own notes on wherever you choose to share them.

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Melessa Ellis
Melessa Ellis

Excellent apart from a journal most of us forget the good. Also looking back on what we worried would happen that never happened is a good reminder not to worry.


Raphael Lewis
Raphael Lewis

Awesome! This is a fantastic idea! So excited!!!!


Proud of you Gabs.... can't wait to read more. I will need that reminder to count my blessings each day.


This is so great! Will be doing the challenge and looking forward to the blog!

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