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Musings on Goodness - January 31

This week reminded me why I started the #musingongoodness2021. It started with the loss of a close friend’s parent, and ended with another close friend experiencing a major disappointment. Both experiences affected me because of the pain that my friends were feeling. In the middle of that, I was worrying about some bills that needed to be paid. I received some encouragement about them, and though they haven’t been resolved yet, I am hopeful.

But when your spirits are low, it’s difficult to pinpoint the good things that happen. Even if good things happen, sometimes the bad are more impactful. I was reflecting on the week and searching for any good things that happened that were out of the ordinary (which should be celebrated regardless). I wanted to choose something super duper special that was easy to explain. That didn’t come until the end of week.

A friend came over on Friday night. This beautiful, incredible woman drove 3 hours to see her friends and to just help out. She gave the majority of her focus to helping us set up the children’s rooms. I had been slowly going through the boxes, but the rooms needed reorganization and unpacking. She came in and now most of the boxes are gone, the spanking new rugs have been put down and the rooms look quite amazing. The children are so excited and I hope that their finished rooms will help them feel more settled in their new home.

Anyway, enough about me. What good thing happened to you?

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