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Musings on Goodness - January 17

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

I recently helped my sister and her family move to another state. If you've ever moved house, you would know that it's a very involved and tiring process and this one was no different.

Several people came (in Covid-regulated quantities) at various times to help pack boxes, discard things, and load up the moving pods.

Moving Day was smoother than we expected. We were able to carry all the things we needed and not all the things we wanted to the new house. There were many tears shed over the loss of friends and comfortable spaces, but none of my young nieces or nephews had to be pried off of walls to get into the car.

Upon seeing their new house for the first time, my nieces and nephews ran from room to room in excitement at the adventure ahead of them. In fact, they've slept well in their new rooms.

It's still early days yet. We still have to unpack, play tetris with the furniture, as well as get back into school and make friends amidst Covid.

At the very least, I'm relieved that the actual move wasn't traumatic for the children.

What good thing happened to you last week?

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Melessa Ellis
Melessa Ellis
May 17, 2021

Ok KL has boys not just one awww.

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