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Musings on Goodness - January 10

I’ve changed my mind!

I've decided to also post my notes on good things here every Sunday (from now on). Remember, I’m mainly using my IG page, to post all the notes (if you have IG, be sure to add me). These will be shorter posts and I invite you to tell me the things you are thankful for in the comments below. I am excited to read all of them.

So let’s get on with #musingsongoodness2021

Choosing a new career in life is a nerve-wracking experience, often fraught with doubts and insecurities. No matter how much research you do, preparing as well as you can, and praying (if you’re like me), taking that first step into the ‘doing’ is a huge deal. I suspect we all want some form of affirmation to boost our confidence and steady our footsteps as we explore our talents. Even more, we want that affirmation from people outside of our circle of family and close friends.

I had read all about guest posting when I first started researching and had read about how important it was in building a freelancing business and reputation. Guest posting is basically writing content for another person/company’s website. Having someone else validate that you can write, by posting your work on their platform, is very important (if all the writing experts are to be believed). I wanted that validation, which leads to my good thing for this week.

I got it!

An article I wrote, “Can Nepotism Be A Good Thing?” was published on a website, The Massive Jamaica (you can read it here and check out their other articles). This good thing almost didn’t happen because after I submitted it for review, I tried to retract the article so that I could post it here, just to make sure that it saw the light of day.

Lack of confidence could have led to losing out on an opportunity to grow and gain traction in my new field.

Thank God I came to my senses!

So what good thing happened to you this week?

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Melessa Ellis
Melessa Ellis
May 17, 2021

Very proud of you for stepping out, wishing you every success and to just be who you were created to be.


Jen Rivard
Jen Rivard
Jan 12, 2021

I relate to the whole second guessing myself thing all too well. I’ve been on a similar path this past year, and I’ve often postponed taking steps leading me closer to my goals out of insecurity. The Good Thing that happened to me today was that being out of work for Covid, actually gave me time to work on my writing career. I’m going to use this opportunity to get as much done as I possibly can (resting along the way, of course.) I wish you the best in your writing endeavors!

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