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Musing on Goodness - October 17

It’s a short post today!

On Tuesday I decided to try to fast again. Last week I shared that my stomach became compromised in 2010 and since then I’ve not been able to do complete fasts without damaging my stomach. Don’t worry, I didn’t do an absolute fast this time, but a partial one.

I had planned to end it at dinnertime but I was feeling strong and assured at that time and decided to extend it. Who told me to do that?

That night I tried to fall asleep but my stomach started talking to me. I turned to the right and there it was, cussing me off. I turned to the left and it started crying out. I was tired so I just lay there. Close to midnight, I was still very wide awake, listening to my stomach’s one-sided conversation. Finally, I got up and prayed and went to eat a proper meal. It was so delicious, the best meal I’ve ever had, or maybe that was just hunger talking. Thank God for good food and my sister being a magnificent cook.

You can just imagine that my stomach stopped complaining after that. I sat up because when you’re old and have stomach difficulties, you have to sit up for the sake of proper digestion. Close to two in the morning, my god-sister called. Her father (whom I call Uncle) had been admitted to the hospital earlier that day because of Covid-19, his condition was critical and (as you can imagine) she was worried and having difficulty sleeping. We spoke for hours and prayed together and hung up so we could both hopefully sleep. Later that day, when we spoke again, she told me that she had been able to sleep.

Messages went out for prayer for him and he took a turn for the better. From Wednesday afternoon his improvement was gaining steady momentum. I’m happy to say that he was discharged last night and is back in the comfort of his home to complete his recovery.

I was so relieved that I didn’t miss her call, to be a listening ear for her when she was in distress and to encourage her. And this may be a bit of a stretch, but thank God my stomach would not let me sleep until I had eaten something substantial, thereby keeping me awake to receive my sister’s call. And best of all - thank God that my Uncle is recovering well from Covid-19.

What good things happened to you this week?

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