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Musing on Goodness - May 23

When I changed my flight from May 1st to May 26th, it felt like we had so much more time left... and now it's almost done.

But when I look at what has occurred in that time, I know that it was God's orchestration for me to be here.

My sister becomes a doctor in November of this year, but this medical faculty does their graduation pictures months before. (I hope no one has ever gotten kicked out of the programme in the nth hour!) The pictures were supposed to have been taken in April but because of the lockdowns, they got postponed.

If I had left on May 1st I wouldn't have been a part of Micky's pictures and she wouldn't have had any family members in them. I was able to meet her medical family and support her through the whirlwind of four days of photoshoots.

If I had left on May 1st I wouldn't have been able to go to any of the beautiful beach locations that we visited (Jericoacoara, Flecheiras and Cumboco).

If I had left on May 1st I wouldn't have spent an amazing and revelatory day with my sister's Pastor and his family, nor received the affections of his beautiful 3-year and 1-year olds.

I spent a wonderful day with new and old friends, practising my rudimentary Portuguese and allowing them to practise lessons they've received in English classes.

My soul is refreshed from this uniquely beautiful experience. I couldn't have planned it. I was just along for the ride.

I hope that God's journey for me includes a return to this beautiful country - and to the new family that has welcomed me as one of their own.

So what good thing happened to you this week?

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