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Musing on Goodness - March 14

Sobral has been in lockdown since last Monday. The major benefit to me is that Micky only went to work every other day, so we gabby Lewises maximized our opportunities to chat about everything.

So that's been great in general but the especially good thing that occurred last week happened on our supermarket run.

Last week I mentioned my mosquito struggles. Well this week we had used up all of our mosquito destroyers and so we were gonna buy some more and look to see if there were other repellent options (thanks for all the advice you sent by the way).

I didn't want to have to use the destroyers because I was concerned for our lungs in the long term. So I started praying about deliverance from the mosquitoes but they continued to plague us without the destroyers.

The supermarket was sold out of destroyers and was almost devoid of repellents - it seemed that everyone was warring against the critters. As far as some of the options you guys suggested, they were sold out of those as well. Only refills were available of one brand while the dispensers were gone. So we decided to buy a relatively expensive bottle of Off!

Uber is a common form of transportation in Sobral and is my sister's choice after she lost her taste for bike rides (which is another common form of transportation in this area).

So for those who aren't well versed in Uber procedures, if you leave something in an Uber taxi’s vehicle or at the place you are collected from, you get charged a fee to have it delivered.

We had taken all our bags upstairs and after unpacking, I started looking for the repellent and it could not be found. We searched high and low but it became obvious that it was not in our stuff.

Turns out we had left it in either the car or at the supermarket. I prayed quickly and asked Micky about contingencies. I had already wondered if we would be fighting mosquitoes throughout the night with no weapons of mass destruction to help in our defense. After having not received any relief from the mosquitoes through prayer alone, I was concerned about whether my faith could rise to the occasion.

My sister went through the process of getting the driver to call us…..and blessings of blessings, the driver was still outside our building because he had stayed to take a phone call.

She ran downstairs and collected the missing bag of goodies and we weren't charged the fee. So we now had a temporary solution to dealing with the mosquitoes.

I’m still praying that my faith will grow to the level where I can confidently declare, like Gandalf, “You shall not pass!” to all the mosquitoes seeking entrance to the apartment.

So what good thing happened to you?

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