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Musing on Goodness - June 13

In one or two of my previous posts I've mentioned my difficulties with getting my car sold.

It still isn't sold, and my plan was to save the entire saga for when I finally sold it. But last week, I realised something very important about this yet unfinished story… would be too long to share all at once! So here's the prequel.

I've been blessed with very supportive, dependable and loving men in my life. I've especially been blessed in how they've helped me navigate car ownership. Now that I look over my ownership history I realize I've been very minimally involved in the acquisition and disposal of my personal vehicles.

My first vehicle was a 2002 Subaru Impreza Hatchback, lovingly named Gale. My father did most of the leg work in helping me to buy Gale. All I did was sign the loan and transfer documents.

When it came time to sell Gale, a close male friend volunteered to handle all the details in getting it sold and once again, I was minimally involved.

That same friend sourced a new car for me and was there every step of the way to acquiring my second vehicle, a 2016 Honda HR-V, also named Gale (The Second). What did I have to do for that purchase? Test drive Gale II, and sign the loan and transfer documents.

When I was preparing to start this journey in October 2020 I decided that this time, I was going to handle all the car stuff myself, as a mature and independent woman. I consulted with a friend who sold cars, and I also asked one of my cousins to be my POA to execute the sale whenever it happened. (He happily accepted the office.)

And then the sale process stalled. After I left, my wing mirror got damaged and I couldn't find a replacement. I spent days searching for the wing mirror online and pestering my mechanic. It was a serious point of stress because people wanted to view my car but while the damage was unaddressed it didn't make sense to let them see it.

Eventually I conceded. My plans, stratagems and worrying were getting me nowhere. I finally released the worrying, and my misplaced desire to be seen as independent, and accepted that I wasn't in control.

Shortly after this initial surrender, another male cousin and my Aunt got the mirror repaired without any input from me and he sent me pictures of the results. By that time however, interest in the car had dried up. I found that I had started worrying again and had to give it to God again.

Recently, my need to sell became desperate and my eldest brother got involved. Interest to view the car was renewed and it seemed that a sale was imminent. As I mentioned in a previous post (you can read that here), I was on the cusp of getting it sold, but the buyer backed out.

I started worrying again, of course. The rollercoaster of hope and disappointment and helplessness was quite wearing to my faith. But I wrestled with it, and I can see and trust that God is taking care of it. This truly came home to me when my brother took the initiative to get some repairs done on my car. In the midst of his busy life, he has continued to be the point person on the sale. He checks with me and I very 'seriously' consider his questions before wholeheartedly agreeing with all of his suggestions.

So all this was just a great reminder that I don't need to worry and be independent of trusting my heavenly Father for the clearing of my car debt. He's always sent loved ones to help me with my cars, so I don't need to start relying on myself now.

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