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Musing on Goodness - July 4

It’s gonna be a short post this week to balance out the long one from last week.

One New Journal

Do you have a go-to gift? I imagine we all have one or two - those gifts that are a safe bet with us, and the giver can be assured they will make us feel happy and well-loved. I love journals. I’ve been journaling since my early teenage years and so (hint, hint) a journal will never be met by me with anything less than absolute effervescent delight.

My already dear sister has further cemented herself in my heart of hearts by giving me a new journal this week - a Minnie Mouse Journal that has stickers! I love me some Minnie Mouse.

Two Birthdays

My father and another of my sisters celebrated birthdays as well! It’s always a good thing to celebrate continued life. Birthdays have always been fun occasions in the Lewis household. Growing up, it was the one day of the year that the birthday boy or girl became king or queen of the family and could rule (with impunity) their siblings with either an open hand or an iron fist. It’s a good thing our parents taught us to be merciful and kind to counter any tyrannical tendencies. Now that we are older and separated there’s no longer any way for us to rule each other, but the fond memories remain.

Three Timely Conversations

“Encourage one another daily” came home again to me this week when I was feeling unsteady for one reason or another.

A cousin called last week to talk about last Sunday’s post and share a similar experience! It served to clear up some doubts I had been having and give me relief that I wasn’t some abnormal, strange, daft creature.

A sister rose admirably to the task of allaying my fears. Stories from her experiences gave me hope in my prayer life, and her practical advice was just what I needed to hear at this moment with so much unknown ahead of me.

A friend shone light on some unhelpful thoughts I had been entertaining. I was so sure my thoughts were valid and logical and true until I voiced them and realized that they were in fact invalid, illogical and untrue. Just because you thought of it doesn’t make it good for you.

Clarifying Thoughts

It’s amazing how many foolish thoughts we can entertain and convince ourselves are true. A simple conversation with a wise (and Godly) loved one, who is willing to navigate through your thought processes, can go a long way in keeping you out of many of life’s pitfalls.

Wrapping it up

Thank God for good gifts, birthdays and good conversations!

So what good thing (or things) happened to you last week?

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