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Musing on Goodness - January 24

My nieces and nephews love playing with me and I love playing with them. Every time I come to visit, we run around outside, play hide and seek inside, dance to our favourite songs, and tell each other silly stories. One of my great concerns in the last couple years has been my depleted energy levels. I’ve had to think of activities that require less physical energy from me and more from them. The aim is that they have to have fun whatever we do together.

I’m not an invalid by any standard, but if you’ve been around active children (all under the age of 9), you know it’s not easy to keep up with them.

On Thursday, the five of them went to school. I spent a blissful morning and afternoon by myself, having devotions and writing and was quite relaxed by the time they got home. It was time to devote some attention to them so I closed my laptop.

Then I saw some empty cardboard boxes from the move.

I decided that we would build an obstacle course!

We gathered as many boxes as we could find and went outside to set up our obstacle course, complete with a tunnel. I only got through the tunnel twice because I was too big.

Original Photo by Sean Thomas on Unsplash

Our simple course soon expanded into a game with a hungry dragon, a rhyme, and fireballs that you couldn’t let hit you as you navigated through the course.

We spent hours outside enjoying “Dragon Quest” before coming inside, exhausted and hungry for dinner.

They played on the course again on Saturday while I watched from inside.

Hopefully, I’ve increased my Cool Aunt points with them and can take a break…..

But I will probably have to think of something else for next week.

Any ideas?

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