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Musing on Goodness - August 1

This post will be over as quickly and successfully as Jamaica’s sweep of the Female’s 100M Finals at the Tokyo 2020(1) Olympics on Saturday. (That’s another good thing that happened.)

If you’ve ever had to sell a car, you’ll know that there’ll be a few prospects and car viewings before you settle with a buyer. I used an intermediary to sell Gale, my car. Therefore I wasn’t unused to being advised of potential buyers who would then fall through at some stage of the process.

Unbeknownst to me, a prospect viewed my car last week Sunday. (Probably while I was formulating last week's post entitled, When God works...slowly [Go check it out].)

I don’t know why God chose to bring this #carsalepending saga to an end on the heels of last week’s post, but I find it quite poetic how He works.

So after dragging for months and months, the #carsalepending saga accelerated to a swift conclusion in less than a week!

Photo by Ammar Devedzic on Unsplash

On Monday I got a message that the Sunday prospect wanted to buy my car.

On Tuesday I received and signed the invoice for the sale and sent it back to the buyer.

On Thursday I got the funds, my loan was discharged thereby emancipating me from car debt. That evening the buyer collected Gale.

On Friday my POA collected the release documents from my bank to officially release Gale from my ownership.

That title transfer is still pending since it involves visiting the dreaded and sloth-like tax office during restricted Covid-19 hours. Needless-to-say it doesn’t impose on my good thing.

Will you praise God with me?

So what good thing happened to you this past week?

And Happy Emancipation Day to my fellow Jamaicans!!!

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